Creating Inclusion Through Policy Change

Upwardly Global advocated for policies and legislation that advance the inclusion of immigrants and refugees in the workforce.

In October, President Biden signed the Bridging the Gap for New Americans Act into law. This transformative legislation highlights the untapped potential of immigrants and refugees with professional skills in the U.S. workforce and requires the Department of Labor to study employment barriers for immigrants and refugees with international credentials. Upwardly Global brought this issue to the forefront, raising awareness among legislators about the importance of legislative change.

Upwardly Global also conducted issue education around the importance of ensuring that Afghans who came on humanitarian parole or Temporary Protected Status be granted the ability to stay beyond the 2023 deadline, a part of the Afghan Adjustment Act. This stability is critical to Afghans’ ability to find good jobs and rebuild their lives as returning to Afghanistan is unthinkable. Though the bill did not pass, we are hopeful that action will be taken in 2023, and we are continuing to share the incredible stories of Afghan contributions to our communities and economy as a critical part of efforts to move Congress and the administration to action.

This legislation will now forge a path forward for immigrant and refugee resettlement and workforce development in this country. Our community of Upwardly Global job seekers is no longer invisible, and I couldn’t be more proud,” says Jina Krause-Vilmar, President and CEO of Upwardly Global.