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  • Heartland Alliance
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  • Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR)


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  • Parallax Volatility Advisers
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  • Workday, Inc.


  • Zakat Foundation of America
  • Zegar Family Foundation

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  • Russell and Judy Carson
  • Ravi Chanmugam and Christina Lucas
  • Rosalyn Chen and Tom Chavez
  • The Scarlet Feather Fund
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  • Wendy Zimmermann and Steve Cutler
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  • Sy Kaufman
  • Tammi Ling and David Carretero
  • Kathy Taylor and Terry Atkinson
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  • Neal Madan
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  • RJ Fox
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  • Don Ostler
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  • David Tanner
  • Jonathan Axelrad
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  • Brenda and Kent Carter
  • Martha Gallo and Charles Kerner
  • Todd A. Harding and David W. Lassiter
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  • Carol Levy
  • Frank Meerkamp
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The Workday Foundation is dedicated to creating career pathways that unleash human potential. Upwardly Global does just that — creates access to opportunity out of low-wage work so that immigrants and refugees can achieve economic mobility. When they are given the chance to flourish, the skills and talent immigrants and refugees bring to this country benefit much more than just that family — they benefit business through a more diverse workforce with unique perspectives.

Carrie Varoquiers

Chief Philanthropy Officer, Workday

Houston Endowment is committed to ensuring that everyone in our diverse community has an opportunity to thrive. Upwardly Global offers a vital resource to immigrants and refugees seeking careers that match their skills and place them on a path to economic mobility. Our region is stronger when all residents can benefit from and contribute to an inclusive and vibrant economy.

Gislaine Williams

Program Officer, Civic Engagement, Houston Endowment

In 2005, I began donating money and volunteering my time as a facilitator of Upwardly Global’s job-seeker training programs. In the early days, the classes were small and took place around a conference table in the San Francisco office. Since then, I have continued to donate as well as assist in the development and delivery of a myriad of learning programs that now serve thousands. The joy of giving to Upwardly Global ‘gives back’ to me and ‘gives forward’ to many others.

Tresa Eyres

Founder, Table Talk

I chose to volunteer with Upwardly Global because I loved its mission and its impact on the lives of so many immigrants and refugees. One of my first mentees was Kahlil, an immigrant from the Philippines, who was in the midst of redefining his career path. We clarified his dream job, one that met his ikigai (sense of purpose), and then developed a strategy for an efficient job search. We reviewed his resume and LinkedIn profile, and with lots of luck and good fortune, he found a job in a short time. Kahlil’s positive attitude and willingness to pivot were remarkable. I felt energized by his success and excited to keep helping other mentees.

Marc Henrich

Social Entrepreneurship